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Technological advancements are necessary to meet global food demands. The World Health Organization has identified global food security as one of the highest global priorities for coping with a projected world population of 9 billion by 2040.

Nitrogen (N) is crucial for global agricultural production. Almost all agricultural plants require external supplementation of nitrogen through fertilizers. To meet agricultural demands, over 150 million metric tons of nitrogen agrochemicals are deployed annually. Poor utilization and uptake efficiency, environmental damages, and the economic impact of over-application, are globally recognized problems.

New goals face agriculture to ensure long-term worldwide sustainability, including reduced dependence on nitrogen fertilizers, and a cleaner, safer and inexpensive alternative to present nitrogen production processes. PGE is developing solutions and technologies that will help agriculture and the world reach these goals. Here we offer utilization of cutting edge synthetic biological technology to improve nitrogen use efficiency.

Plant Genetic Engineering, Inc. have genetically modified Tobacco to promote self-Biological Nitrogen FixationTM. PGE created stable transgenic Tobacco seed lines with sBNFTM capabilities. Screening of sBNFTM seedlings is performed on selection media.

FIGURE 1.  42 Days old plant, sBNF plant demonstrating nitrogen fixation from air in different levels from 7% of total nitrogen to 2%. %N fixation analyses of 15N vs. 14N and total nitrogen in plant leaf. 15N/14N ratios were determined by Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS). As all plants grow together in the same tray, the expectation is that all will present the same 15N/14N ratios as supplied from the roots.