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About Us

Plant Genetic Engineering, Inc. (PGE) is a privately held agricultural biotechnology corporation located at the Long Island High Technology Incubator affiliated with Stony Brook University NY, USA. Our mission is to fundamentally improve global food security and sustainability by reducing the cost and environmental impact of agriculture. To accomplish this mission, PGE is developing technologies that reduce the reliance on conventional fertilizers by enabling plants to protect themselves against nitrogen deficiency. This protection is embodied in two core capabilities, increased nitrogen use efficiency, and nitrogen self-supplementation.

Not all ‘GMOs’ are created equal. The enhancements PGE is working on to impart on plant varieties with would be commonly characterized as ‘genetically-modified’. However, the purpose of targeting novel genetically engineered traits is towards global social benefit. Our hope is that adoption of patented PGE biotechnology will help ensure future food security.

Self-Biological Nitrogen FixationTM  and sBNFTM are registered TradeMarks of Plant Genetic Engineering, Inc.



Dr. Adi Zaltsman founded Plant Genetic Engineering, Inc. in 2012. Dr. Zaltsman received his Ph.D. at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stony Brook University. Dr. Zaltsman is a world recognized expert in genetic engineering and presently serves as PGE’s CEO.

“We are making the world a cleaner, safer and better place.”


Dr. Matthew Stadler joined PGE in 2015. Dr. Stadler received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University and has helped grow numerous technology startups since then. A natural entrepreneur and published chemist, Dr. Stadler heads PGE’s Analytical Chemistry Team.

“The PGE Team is doing groundbreaking science with profound social and commercial potential”



2013 - Company founded.
2014 - Patent applications filed.
2015 - Proof of concept demonstrated and PGE’s first major technology development milestone achievement.
2016 - Successful quantitative measurements of nitrogen fixation from the air



PGE is a startup company dedicated high caliber science aimed at major market and social impacts. If you are interested in joining our Team send a cover letter and resume or CV to hr.team.pge@gmail.com.